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Толкиен - плагиатор!

Вирусная реклама "Хоббита" на 5 с плюсом. 
Конечно Толкиен не даст интервью, потом что на плагиате не заработаешь столько денег, как авторша оригинала. Именно поэтому. -)

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На днях пересекся в Севастополя с Максимом Григорьевым, которого хорошо знаю еще по 2014-2015 году, когда он подготовил два отличных отчета, где были задокументированы военные преступления, пытки и факты жестокого обращения со стороны ВСУ, СБУ и МВД Украины за 2014-2015 года…

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Just finished the book; good, but kind of similar to 'Lord of the Rings'

Стеб, но качественный. Тот же пероснаж пишет:
This was a great book! The only complaint is that there were some parts that reminded me of "The Lord of the Rings" movies back in the early 2000s. For example the main character, Bilbo, was even in "The Fellowship of the Ring" if I'm not mistaken (I think he may have been Frodo's uncle). Also there is a prominent character who is a wizard named Gandalf. I don't know if this is just coincidence or meant to be an homage or whatever, but the inclusion of these characters of the same name is rather lackadaisical on the filmmakers' part. I realize that most viewers aren't as astute as I am and the homages and references will likely go completely over their heads when they see the film, but I did just want to point this out. Again, great book, and I'm looking forward to this movie when it opens this holiday season, but I think the filmmakers should at least acknowledge the 'LOTR' series as a major

и еще

Anyways, is the "Harry Potter" series meant to be a sequel to "Lord of the Rings" series? I ask because there are some parallels, such as elves, magic, wizards, etc. Middle Earth in 'LOTR' was around the 1420s, so is "Harry Potter" a sequel to that time period, only now in early 21st century? I was wondering if Voldemort is meant to be Sauron, and if Dumbledore was supposed to be Gandalf. Is Wormtail in 'HP' supposed to be Wormtongue in 'LOTR', and Harry the same person as Frodo? Also, is Hogwarts supposed to be the same place as the castle of Mordor? Has J.K. Rowling, Tolkien, or Peter Jackson ever said that the series' are related? inspiration.

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